15 oz. Coffee Mug – Choose Joy

There are many people who get discouraged or complain about life.

It’s easy to do.

Life is rough sometimes.

It beats us up.

Then pushes us down.


…and again.

But we have hope.

There is a reason to live.

If you we have ever needed a reminder to be thankful, to meditate on the good things in life, to choose joy…

…we need that reminder now.


We need to be reminded again and again to make a choice.

A choice for better things. Happier things. Truth.


You can make that choice.

You can remember. You can do this.

Take this classy mug everywhere you go. You’ll be reminded to choose joy, and your coffee will stay hot (or cold, if you prefer it that way).

You just might find it easier to be thankful about your life 🙂


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